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6 Things a virtual CIO can do for you

As business struggle to find or afford the right talent, they risk falling short of their technology adoption objectives. A robust IT strategy has never been more important in maintaining a competitive edge. Read on for more on what a vCIO can achieve for your business.
IT technology roadmap: how to develop, what is it

Why is having an IT roadmap so important?

Technology is a central component of every business, and in recent months, we've seen just how important it is to have a well thought out IT strategy. What kind of planning helps your IT strategy develop and adapt to new challenges, all the while driving strategic outcomes for the business? Read on to find out.

Six pitfalls of poor network security

What are the most common network security mistakes we see among SMEs? This blog post outlines six focus areas with simple solutions. Read on as part of a healthy network security strategy.
What is Virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer)?

What is a virtual CIO made up of?

A strong IT department is a must for businesses to be successful in the 21st century. However, the cost of having an in-house IT department can be burdensome for an SME. The virtual CIO, or vCIO, is a modern solution...
How to scale a startup business? IT support for startups

Is your startup set up for investment?

Most entrepreneurs setting up a company don’t spend hours planning their IT infrastructure, considering the ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ pictures, and then crafting the ultimate technology roadmap to get them there. For most startups, the focus is on getting to market...
o365 data migration

The changing face of IT support

SMEs face the same challenges as large enterprises. In the age of Industry 4.0 and digitisation, every organisation needs access to enterprise-grade technology to retain the business agility and speed of service, which allows them to deliver an exceptional customer...

How to achieve remote working productivity in the ‘new normal’

When the UK locked down, we were advised to work from home wherever possible to stay safe. And while this presented challenges in implementing the IT infrastructure necessary to support a remote workforce – our own support team has even...
cloud computing security

Cloud Security Strategies – How to strengthen your security posture from the ground up

As a cloud services specialist, we are well aware of the cybersecurity fears that plague organisations seeking to exploit the business benefits of a cloud-first strategy. This article covers the top 3 security services and activities that organisations can undertake to strengthen their cloud security posture.

What does transformational IT look like right now?

What is the place of digital transformation in challenging times such as these? This article explores why transformational IT has been making headway right now and what it consists of for businesses who excel at it.

We are remote and more connected than ever

Although we have the IT infrastructure in place to support business-as-usual when working remotely, we have some powerful lessons learnt from our all-remote strategy. We experienced several unexpected benefits - powerful ‘lessons learned’ that we can highlight to clients who are thinking about undertaking a digital transformation to enable their modern workplace.