4 Principles of secure data management

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, so it's time to take a look at the principles of secure data management. Whether your data governance challenges are people, process or technology-related, we have the expertise to design and implement smart data security solutions.
rules for successful IT cost optimisation

The rules for successful IT cost optimisation

The current climate has driven lots of IT budget holders back to the drawing board. How would you go about optimising your IT spend, and driving savings, if you're already in the cloud?
how IT support works

Behind the scenes at Atech… with Addam Reynolds

The personal connection is an essential part of an enterprise managed service. It helps our clients to be successful. In this behind-the-scenes interview, we talk about how lockdown has changed the way we work and the way we provide IT support, and how it has changed what our clients need. From automation to new technologies, Addam highlights the importance of being able to provide a personal service at an enterprise grade, and the impact that this has. 

IT cost optimisation – how to save on technology costs

As businesses accelerate their digital transformation, building resilience, securing remote work and reimagining productivity does not have to increase your costs. In this article, we share the basics of optimising your IT budget. Talk to us and we can uncover potential savings for you with a cloud optimisation or a licensing assessment.
Startup cybersecurity

Four signs your scale up needs a virtual CIO

We know the technologies that will help your scale up accelerate growth and innovation. Lean on us for strategic insight, and technology advice through our virtual CIO.
Personal IT support

How do you deliver personal IT support at an enterprise scale?

We uncover what it takes to deliver enterprise-grade IT support that is personal and delivered at scale.
How to Control Cloud Costs?

How to control cloud spend: an introduction

If you're not 100% in the clear on what your cloud spend is made up of, or you want to control spiralling cloud costs, here is your starting point to cloud optimisation.
How to create a technology strategy?

Adding value with an effective technology strategy

Support strategic business objectives with these key steps to drive value from IT.
Cyber Security: Main Aims, Goals

Four core goals of successful cyber security

You can improve your company's cyber defences with Atech's expert security services. But what are the key goals of a robust cyber security plan? This article outlines the first steps to hardening your company's security posture.
Startup cybersecurity

IT Security Services for Startups – what level of security do you really need?

Any funding you have secured may be withdrawn if your investors do not trust that you are taking appropriate measures to protect your IP and your data. On this note, cyber insurance alone will not help your business, if you are found to have been negligent in your security posture. Read on for our recommended security services for startups and scale ups.