Cyber-security, is a topic which has been on the minds of many business executives. I’m sure you are aware of a few data breaches which have taken place in recent years. The impact of a security scandal can be detrimental to any business; customer loss, a damaged brand reputation and operational loss are just a few. It is important to consider what might happen if your business were on the receiving end of a data breach, in order to prepare for the possibility of this truly unpleasant event.

How to improve Business Data Security?

Below are three relatively simple measures for you to implement that can help secure your business against brutal attacks.

Utilise Strong Passwords and Two-Factor Authentication Measures

Take a moment to consider what might happen if someone were to access your accounts. Do you really feel comfortable protecting that data with the name of your childhood pet, some other personal detail, or worst of all “a password?”

The easier the password is, the easier it will be for a hacker to potentially crack. This is why we recommend that you design your passwords using capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to create an apparently random string of characters. It makes cracking your account much more difficult for a hacker to accomplish.

Use Unified Threat Management to Secure Your Network

A correct approach to network security will incorporate both internal and external preparations. One such preparation is to include devices like a UTM, or Unified Threat Management, tool. A UTM leverages protections like antivirus, spam blocking, enterprise-level firewalls, and content filtering to prevent your network from being seeded with threats. Additionally, you will have the ability to react to issues before they can do too much damage, which will help keep problems from influencing your productivity.

Share the Benefits of Best Practices

While your business relies on its employees in order to function, it is also at the mercy of their ability to handle threats. All it could take is the wrong employee receiving a spam message or someone clicking a fraudulent link to leave your business network vulnerable. To combat this, you need to educate your employees on how to spot situations that could end poorly, like phishing attempts and social engineering emails. You can thwart a surprising number of these threats simply by making sure your staff know what to look for.

Think IT security for business success

Now you’ve got 3 basic steps towards keeping your business safe from hackers, malware and other cyber security threats that could cause a data breach – resulting in downtime and other issues for your business. To learn more ways to help improve your IT security, keep reading our Insights. Did you know we’re a Cyber Essentials certified IT support provider? Contact us and trained experts from Atech Support team will create a cyber security strategy that will keep the pirates at bay and blow your competitors out of the water.