Are you still hesitant to adopt cloud computing for your company’s IT needs? Adopting new technologies isn’t a move that’s to be made lightly. However, cloud computing is much more than a passing fad. In recent years, the cloud has become such a reliable and efficient tool for businesses that it deserves your full attention. Take for example these three myths about the cloud.

3 myths about cloud computing

The Cloud Isn’t Secure

Its understandable why business owners are hesitant to store their sensitive data in the cloud. After all, stories of hacks against major corporations and the private photos of celebrities appear in the headlines all too often. Although, it’s important to keep in mind that these sensational stories don’t accurately reflect the state of cloud security today. Studies show that in some instances, the cloud is actually more secure than storing data on-premise.

That said, you should still exercise caution when selecting a cloud platform to host your company’s data. It’s important to analyse the costs, opportunity, and risk, as well as to be wary of exaggerated security claims by cloud providers. Atech can advise on which cloud providers are reliable, and which ones tend to overpromise.

The Cloud Costs Too Much

In the past, a move to the cloud may have been perceived by budget-minded business owners as too major of an expense to commit to. Today, the cloud computing market has become so varied that you’ll end up with several different estimates when you shop around with different cloud providers.

Then there are the cost benefits you should consider that extend beyond the initial price tag of cloud migration and the subsequent monthly fees. This includes opportunity costs such as time to market, disaster recovery savings, and customer satisfaction. Also, a business owner shouldn’t overlook finally being able to avoid paying for on-premise maintenance, remediation, hardware costs, application upgrades, and the list goes on.

Our team of Architects and Solutions Consultants are able to assess your current set up and budget to recommend the best solution for your business.

The Cloud Doesn’t Offer Enough Flexibility

If you’re hosting your data and applications in-house, then you know first-hand what it takes to make a modification like an enhancement to your hardware or software. It is often expensive and takes considerable time to implement. Now imagine needing to make the same performance enhancement to an infrastructure that’s hosted in the cloud. With the cloud, when you need more computing resources, it’s quick and easy. The time and money saved will free up resources for you and your staff that can be better invested elsewhere.

The cloud: magical not mythical

Cloud security is proven. There’s a cloud solution to suit every business size and budget. Cloud computing makes enhancing your IT infrastructure and business operations quicker and easier than ever before. Digital transformation to incorporate cloud storage is the way forward. Myths busted! Need we say more? Get in touch to find out exactly how the cloud will future-proof your business to help you fight dragons and such.