How Cloud Transformation Revamps Businesses

Long-established businesses build up an IT infrastructure that can pose a challenge for anyone outside their own dedicated IT team to understand.

Any high-ranking official in a modern company will know that as new opportunities or challenges arise, the IT division is tasked with finding a solution – and each new system has to work alongside existing infrastructure and fit within the allotted budget.

Over time, these choices mean that even two businesses with identical target markets and sizes, started simultaneously, will each develop completely unique infrastructure – and as older elements fail or their manufacturers mark them No Longer Supported, this can create serious issues.

Moving to the Cloud

Cloud-based IT infrastructure allows for easier record-keeping, effective mobile business, and in general supports more and more flexible working practices.

It’s also easier to upgrade on a rolling basis, as necessary, without running into legacy system or compatibility issues. Archived data on the cloud is better protected from long-term loss through upgrade.

For all of these reasons, Atech is often contracted to help our clients with cloud transformation, resulting in both our Onsite Support Team and our remote Service Addicts® pooling their talents to ensure the transition goes smoothly, while your own IT team ensures BAU continues with minimal disruption.

Migration to the cloud usually involves a full revamp of your IT infrastructure, as those elements which don’t work well with total online access must be replaced.

How We Can Help

We’ll work with you to develop a list of requirements, then put together a plan, identifying the hardware and the applications you need to get the level of service you desire.

Once assembled we can work with our contacts in the industry to put the package together and troubleshoot any potential compatibility issues ahead of time. Transitioning your data and processes onto the new system is something that can take time and must be done carefully – which is where our Service Addicts® are best placed to help. We’ll even work to ensure your people are trained in new procedures so that you can push on to bigger and better things. Contact Us to discuss how we can help