We’ve heard countless different reasons from clients for companies to change data centres, from mergers to real estate considerations (rental, purchase, infrastructure, and size all being considerations) and all points in between.

Whatever the reason, there’s one guiding rule above all others for any data centre relocation; disruption to BAU must be minimised or eliminated.

Pre-Transfer Evaluation

Upgrading your servers and other associated hardware (and applications) is often carried out as part of a relocation as, unless the original centre was only upgraded recently, there are usually improvements that can be made.

When clients approach us regarding a relocation, this is often one of the first aspects we’ll discuss, as setting up and testing new systems ahead of time can be essential for a smooth transfer.

We’ll work with you to select new products and to avoid or correct any compatibility issues with your existing situation that might arise, doing as much preparation as possible ahead of time. We can carry out disruption and downtime analysis, and even help with your data centre strategy.


Once the time comes, our Onsite Support Team will be on hand to ensure everything is correctly installed, monitor data transfer (watching for any dropout or transmission errors), and review the results to make sure no new compatibility issues have arisen.

We’ll work with you to make sure your data integrity is never compromised, allowing your own IT team to concentrate on BAU.

Ongoing Support

Atech can even help you decommission your old data centre. We’re experienced in secure electronics recycling and data destruction, making it easy to adhere to data security guidelines after the transfer.

We’ll also work with you to monitor ongoing performance and watch for potential issues arising with the new centre, giving you peace of mind as your business moves forward with your new support. We are waiting to hear from you.

Magnificent data centre migration managers

Looking for a technology partner you can trust to see you through the data centre relocation process without snags? Need someone to provide ongoing IT support to help improve your business operations and IT security concerns further? Look no further than Atech Support. Our technicians have the industry know-how, decades of experience and enthusiastic can-do attitudes to smooth things out and pave your way to business success.